God Where is My Harvest?

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you’re asking God, “What’s Next?”

A season in your life where you feel like you’ve sown good seed in seasons past but you’re not exactly sure how to reap the harvest?  I don’t know about you but I have been there. So I began to think about seed-time and harvest to recall what the Bible says about it and how it is supposed to work.  I laughed to myself as I thought about many of the bad decisions that I’d made in my life and how I never seemed to have to “find” my harvest of consequences in those situations lol…..Oh no…..It seems like those harvests found me and overtook me! lol…..But now that I was trying to go after my harvest of good things I almost felt as thought I was on a treasure hunt.

Many times as believers we do not reap from the same field we’ve sown…And furthermore we do not always reap exactly what we’ve sown….And by this I mean, sometimes we sow time, or money, or encouragement, or labor, etc. sometimes this is done as a good deed, often times we are meeting a need, either a need that we’ve observed or a need that the Lord has placed on our hearts…Now when our harvest comes back to us it doesn’t always come back to us in the same form…..But it does come back to us as a “met need”- Does that make sense?  When we have needs in our life our harvest comes back to us in the form of solutions to our needs, because our seeds were solutions for someone else.

Even though I know this sometimes it takes time to internalize this principle. So just the other night I was talking with my husband about this very topic as he began to tell me what he’s observed about my life and my harvests. It all started while I was washing the dishes and talking the Lord. I was asking Him about seasons of harvest…..As the body of Christ we are constantly taught to sow good seed in every season….But I don’t think I was taught as consistently on how to reap the harvest on the seeds that I’d sown. Sometimes you can understand a principle of the Word theoretically but not possess the understanding it takes to live it out.. So when it comes to our harvest it requires effort on our part to access…

It takes effort to sow it and effort to harvest it….But sometimes as believers we forget to exert the latter effort to complete the process of our blessing. It’s not that it doesn’t belong to us, it’s just that we have to do something to get it…..And by something I mean something more than just praying and commanding it to come……The same way we couldn’t command that seed to be sown -we had to actually do something is the same way the harvest works -we have to do something.

I will share with you all a moment of transparency because I truly believe we are in this thing together. I know that there are ripe harvests out there that we have got to go after, because just like in the natural, there is only a window of time given to the harvest. My husband breaks into my deep thought and asks me what’s on my mind- I begin rattling off something to the effect of the contents of this blog and he stops me and says, God is blessing everything you put your hands on. Everything that you do God is blessing…..He says, “the sermons that you write are so good they could be books….hundreds of people are blessed by your blogs…..People are responding to your ministry in a way you thought they never would…..The songs that you write are anointed, people are excited to work with you…..But the problem is because these things come easy to you, you don’t see them as vital parts of your calling”

I stood in the kitchen enlightened. Sometimes harvests are opportunities that come without much resistance….But I know for me, I didn’t see them as a harvest because I had never thought that a harvest could be something like that…..It’s because I wanted my harvest to come -without work. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I felt like I’d already done the work, so my abundance should just come…..But bless God for His Spirit and revelation that makes His Word clear to us.

As I embark on my personal season of harvest I invite you to go after yours as well. Identify the opportunities in your life that are new, the ones that maybe (like me) you’ve been taking for granted. Go after them, there is a blessing on the other side. I pray that as you go after it your faith would be increased…As you see the hand of the Lord opening up doors for you that you would be charged to do more, to encourage others, to go after their harvest as well. It is our season to be blessed, and sometimes those blessings are simply the harvest from our seeds of faithfulness, goodness, kindness, love, and diligence….

If this helped you or encouraged you please let me know! I am always encouraged when I see that God is using this blog as a tool for His glory.



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